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Google Street View Offers Closeup Look at Paris

Ever since I first played around with Google’s Street View feature and saw the front of the building I work in, I’ve had kind of a weird fascination with it. I think it’s incredibly cool, and kinda freaky. I mean, it’s not like a webcam with a constantly-updated image, so what happens if I happened to be doing something weird in the window right when the Google camera car drove by? That would be unfortunate, indeed. Still, for travelers, Google Street View is an exceptionally cool planning tool – and now with the launch of Google Street View in Paris, you’ve got a great way to check out the city before you book that cheap international airfare and hop on your plane.

Some of the things you can see with Google Street View in Paris are…

The Eiffel Tower

The Louvre & Pyramid

The famous Pont Neuf bridge

The best ice cream shop in Paris

And this is about as close as I’d advise you get to the traffic circle around the Arc de Triomphe

But even above and beyond the fun of seeing either spots you know well or places you’re excited about visiting come to life on your computer screen is the oh-so-practical way you can put Google Street View Paris to work for you. For example, what better way is there to check out the neighborhoods around the discount hotels you’re thinking of booking for your trip to Paris? After all, hotels can say anything they want about themselves – but a photograph doesn’t lie.