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Going to Paris on USAir? Pack a Lunch

I don’t like to complain about any flight that makes a safe landing. Being a fearful traveler, every flight that leaves on time, flies over the Atlantic with minimal turbulence is a ’10’ in my book. But regarding US Air (and probably holding true for other US carriers) it’s time to say something about the so-called ‘FOOD’.

US Air is now flying fancy new airbuses out of Philadelphia. This means you’ll find more space in tourist class with large carry-on storage bins (which are easily accessed if you belong to a basketball team). But come on, US Air, how can you fly people to Paris, charge them for headsets and wine, misplace orders for vegetarian meals, and serve a 270 calorie sweet roll for ‘breakfast’?

To think that China Air flights serve full hot meals on 45 minute flights is mind-boggling by comparison. I don’t think it would be out of line to say that US Air Carriers have become a national disgrace. If the cost of oil continues to increase, it will be time for the gov to consider subsidies (like Air France) has received in the past.

Part of that subsidy should go toward guaranteeing healthy FOOD and plenty of options for special diets. Call it international diplomacy. Let’s leave visitors to the US returning to Paris with a good last impression. And for US citizens visiting Europe an arrival in good style.