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Getting to Paris from Beauvais Airport (or vice versa)

Beauvais Airport is sometimes called Paris’ third airport, even though it lies quite some distance away from the city itself. But because it’s the only Paris airport with service from European budget air giant Ryanair, it still deserves to be considered as a target airport for flying into Paris.
For one thing, there are a couple good transportation options to get you into Paris from Beauvais. For another, if you’re not headed for Paris but for someplace generally north of Paris anyway, then it could be an even better option than either of Paris’ larger airports.
For those of you who are flying into Beauvais and then making your way into the French capital, however, here’s what you need to know about getting from Beauvais Airport into Paris. It’s important to factor in the cost of ground transportation to your overall travel costs, however, in order to be sure that the savings on that “budget flight” you took aren’t wiped out by a hefty pricetag on a train or coach ticket.
But first things first, let’s look at a map of northern France so you can see just where Beauvais Airport is in relation to Paris:

Hopefully seeing that distance will help you understand why transport times are longer from the airport to Paris.

Taking the Train from Beauvais Airport to Paris

There are trains that connect Paris’ Gare du Nord station with the main train station in the town of Beauvais. It’s a regional train, called a “TER,” and it’s part of the “Picardy” region – you can look up schedules on the TER Picardie site, which is (as far as I can tell) entirely in French. Train tickets between Paris Gare du Nord and Beauvais train station are €13-15.
To get to the Beauvais train station from the airport, you’ll have to catch a separate shuttle or a taxi. The time you’ll spend in transit is typically at least 1 hour 15 minutes and up to 1.5 hours – and that’s not counting the time you’re waiting for a shuttle or a taxi. Taxis between the airport to the train station charge a fixed price of €11 from 7am-7pm on weekdays and Saturdays, and €15 from 7pm-7am and on Sundays and bank holidays. If you opt for the shuttle bus instead, tickets for that are under €5.
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Taking the Bus from Beauvais Airport to Paris

The official coach service partner of the Beauvais Airport is the SuperShuttle, and it’ll take you all the way into Paris from the airport – or to Disneyland Paris if you prefer.
What’s particularly convenient about SuperShuttle is that instead of having one central drop-off/pick-up site in Paris, it’s a door-to-door service.
The Beauvais Airport location for the SuperShuttle is their desk in the Terminal 1 hall.
A SuperShuttle ticket from Beauvais Airport into Paris costs €32 for the first adult passenger, €22 for a second adult, and €16 for kids. A Beauvais-EuroDisney ticket is €50 for the first adult, €30 for a second adult, and €20 for children.
Paris Shuttle is a service that runs regular shuttles to each of Paris’ airports. The company runs private reserved shuttles between Beauvais Airport and central Paris, and there are set prices per vehicle for any Paris destination with a zip code that begins with 75. The cost is per vehicle, and depends on how many people are in your group. For just 1-2 people you’ll pay €130, for 3-4 people you’ll pay €140, for 5-6 people you’ll pay €150, and for 7-8 people you’ll pay €160.
For those headed to Paris Disney, Paris Shuttle also has direct service from Beauvais Airport to Disneyland Paris and back. Again, only private reserved shuttles are available, and the price is per vehicle. For 1-4 people you’ll pay €145 (unless it’s 2 adults and 2 kids in the same family, in which case it’s €135), for 5-6 people you’ll pay €165, and for 7-8 people you’ll pay €184.
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There’s a regular scheduled coach service that runs from Porte Maillot in Paris to Beauvais Airport (and vice versa). Porte Maillot is near the Palais des Congres to the west of the Arc de Triomphe, but it’s close to a Metro/RER stop to get you anywhere else you need to go in Paris. Tickets are €15 one-way (cash only, and you buy your ticket at the same place you board the bus). The schedule of the buses is directly related to the schedule of departures and arrivals at the airport – buses leave Paris three hours before each departure, and they leave Beauvais Airport 20 minutes after each arrival.
If you’re going to Disneyland Paris resort, you can also choose to take a VEA bus (Val d’Europe Airports). There are three daily departures from Beauvais Airport, and the buses stop at all the Disney-area hotels. On the way back to Beauvais, there are two daily departures at each of a few points in the Disney area. VEA buses cost €30 per adult and €24 for kids ages 3-11.

Driving from Beeauvais Airport to Paris

There are six car rental companies at Beauvais Airport – which is double the number of airlines serving the airport, so you shouldn’t have any trouble renting a car if you do it in advance. If your sole destination is Paris, it’s advisable to skip the car entirely and stick with public transportation – but if you’re planning trips around the area outside Paris, having a car may be a good idea.
Beauvais Airport is on the A16 Autoroute, so it gives you easy access to France’s highway system. You can see a not-to-scale map of the airport in relation to other cities around it on the Beauvais website, but I think the Via Michelin site is one of the best for getting specific driving directions – just plug in your starting and ending points and it’ll give you all the information you need. In addition to turn-by-turn directions, the site also gives you an estimate of how long it’ll take to make the trip, how many KM it is, how much you’ll spend in tolls, and roughly what you’d spend on fuel.

Taking a Taxi from Beauvais Airport to Paris

Taxi drivers who hear you want them to ferry you all the way from Beauvais Airport to Paris – or vice versa – may turn into the nicest taxi drivers you’ve ever met. Because that trip is not a cheap one. There’s no fixed rate, either, so the figures on the Beauvais Airport website are only guesses as to what it’ll cost. Still, they estimate the trip will run at least €100-120 during the day, and €140-160 after hours because of the “night charge.”
photos, top to bottom, by: Adam UXB Smith, Hello Paris, foundphotoslj