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Getting from Paris to Versailles

A short half an hour or so southwest of Paris, it is easy to take a day-trip to Versailles from the City of Lights. With the conveniences of modern transportation, Versailles today is much closer to the city than it was in the Days of the Louis’. With trains that zip regularly to this immense chateau, it is also a lot easier to get to the castle than when an angry group of women led by Olympe de Gouges marched from Paris to the castle demanding bread after the beginning of the French Revolution after Bastille Day in 1789. Since hunger will probably not drive you to walk from Paris to the Chateau de Versailles demanding the royals give you bread, here is a run-down on your options for getting from Paris to Versailles:

Getting from Paris to Versailles by Train

Taking the train from Paris to Versailles is definitely the best way to go. Trains leave every 25 minutes and the train only takes about 30 mins. It’s the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to travel from Paris to the Versailles chateau.

  • Take the RER C Versailles RIVE GAUCHE. These trains should be marked with a V.
  • RER C to Versailles departs from: Gare d’Austerlitz, St Michel-Notre Dame, Musee d’Orsay, Invalides, Pont de l’Alma or Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel
  • Tickets cost about €3 each way
  • The train will take about 30 minutes or so. Versailles is the end of the line.
  • Follow the crowds on the half mile walk to Versailles.

**The RER C that departs at 8.26h from Invalides will have you at the opening gates of the chateau at the 9 am opening.

Driving from Paris to Versailles

Although as I stated above it is definitely easiest to take the train from Paris to Versailles and I would not recommend driving, it is possible to drive from Paris to Versailles.

  • The trip should take about 30 mins, but as traffic can be horrendous getting around and out of Paris, it can easily take at least twice as long. Avoid Paris traffic—take the train.
  • From Paris, take the A13 towards Rouen (toll-free road)
  • Take Exit 6 towards Versailles center.
  • Follow signs to Versailles Chateau.

Parking: There is a large parking lot and parking is readily available. Parking is not free, however. It costs €5 for 2 hrs and € 12 for 8 hrs.

HINT: If you are renting a car in Paris, many people find Versailles to be the easiest place to rent a car. It is much less stressful than trying to rent one at Charles de Gaule or in Paris. Because Versailles is so easily accessed by train—those who are renting a car in France for the part of their trip outside of Paris (because who needs—or even wants—to drive in Paris) can take the train out to Versailles, pick up and drop-off a rental car.

Taking a Taxi from Paris to Versailles

A taxi will typically cost you a minimum of €50 one-way from Paris to Versailles. This is definitely an expensive way to go.

Taking the Bus from Paris to Versailles

Bus line 171 goes from Pont de Sèvres in Central Paris (the end of line 9 on the metro) to Versailles-Place d’Armes.

Again, the train is much easier and faster—take the train!

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