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Get the Best Paris Travel Tips from a Local

Long-time readers of WhyGo Paris have probably noticed that your long-time guide to the city is taking a bit of a break from her daily postings of great Paris tidbits. Parisgirl’s still around, though, and will continue to contribute her hard-earned knowledge about both Paris and France in general. In fact, before she went on a month-long holiday late last year she came up with a month’s worth of great Paris travel tips that we’ve finally had a moment to collect into one gigantic post. And because we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss her wisdom, here are a few highlights:

Tip #5: Buying Metro Tickets from Automated Machines
You already know how fantastic the Metro in Paris is – but what if you’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry and there’s a long line at the ticket window, or it’s after hours when the ticket sellers have all closed up shop? You can still buy tickets from the automated machines, and Parisgirl shows you how to do it in this post.

Tip #8: Going to Free Museum Days in Paris
While you can scrimp on things like accommodation and food, museum ticket prices are pretty non-negotiable; and, depending on how many museums you’re hoping to visit, they can really take a chunk out of your travel budget. Parisgirl’s got just the thing for you budget-conscious folks who are still anxious to visit all of Paris’ great museums – make sure you visit the city when there are free museum days!

Tip #22: Using Paris Public Toilets
While you’re out and about in Paris, you’re going to need to use the “loo” – but did you know that some of the public toilets in Paris cost money? Parisgirl tells you in this post how to find the ones that are free and how to handle the ones where there’s an attendant on staff.

Tip #23: Taking Advantage of Happy Hour in Paris
Even travelers who aren’t sticking to a strict budget will appreciate the opportunity to save money in Paris – especially when going out for a drink or two is notoriously expensive. Thankfully, the concept of “Happy Hour” is spreading throughout Europe, including cities like Paris. Parisgirl’s got a few suggestions of how to find the best Happy Hour spots in Paris.

Tip #24: Don’t Miss the Last Metro
The Paris Metro may be the best thing to happen to transportation since sliced baguettes, but it doesn’t run 24 hours a day (hey, Metro drivers have to sleep sometime, too!). So after a night of painting the town rouge, Parisgirl wants to make sure you’re not stuck paying a hefty taxi fare by reminding you when the last Metro leaves the station.

Find More Great Tips
There are more excellent Paris travel tips where those came from – in fact, there are 30 in all, and they’re all listed in one handy spot: 30 Paris Travel Tips from a Local. Be sure to check them all out – and for those of you who have visited Paris or even lived there, what are the tips you’d add to the list? What are your top Paris travel tips?

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