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Fun French Food

Part of the fun of going to France is trying food that you might not necessarily try in your home country:
i.e. Snails – escargot
Mussels – moules
Calf’s Head – tete de veau
Frogs Legs – Cuisses de grenouille
Guinea Hen – Pintade
Coq au Vin – rooster stew

Just a few examples. My favorite beachside food are ‘moules – frites’ or mussels and fries, simply because you don’t have to be dainty when eating mussels. The best way to enjoy mussels is to use one of the mussel shells like a tweezer to eke the next juicy morsel out of its shell. You can order moules -frites and that makes a full meal. Try it the next time you’re at a seaside resort in France ( or even in Paris) but it’s more fun by the beach.

There’s an expression in French ‘la moule en folie’ and as you’ll remember in my entry on French slang – you can go in all sorts of directions when it comes to the French language – this one is pretty wild so I’m not even going to translate it for you. Just picture a mussel going wild . . . and you’ll figure it out – there’s actually a Montparnasse restaurant just off of Rue Gaite called La Moule en Folie. A Normandy friend of ours just about tripped when he saw the sign – “You know they’d NEVER get away with that name for a restaurant in Lisieux!” he said.
Vive La Langue Francaise, donc.