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French Slang: A truc by any other name is just …

A truc by any other name is just a ‘yoke’ – according to Sean over at
Aren’t I devious? You’ll have to check out ‘yoke’ to find out what a ‘truc’ is – unless you know already.

French slang or ‘argot’ has so many different levels (many of which originate in the Parisian underworld). Slang has one common denominator in many big cities: it’s a language understood by one’s’potes’ or pals to evade the ‘flic’.

Little by little, many of the expressions trickle into the mainstream. By the time most of us visitors have begun to ‘piger’ understand certain words, the Parisian argot has already transformed to a totally different level. Verlain (which was the reversal of words, i.e. femme becomes ’emmef’ ‘Meuf’ )has been around for the past fifteen or twenty years.

Not only does Paris have its own slang or argot, but there are dozens of ‘play on words’, every day expressions, called ‘le langage familial’ or family language and there’s the bawdy language . . . more on this later….

Piger (peezhay) – understand
Flic (fleek) – police
Potes (poat) – buddies, pals

Synonyms for ‘Truc’: Yoke in Irish. ‘Chose’, ‘Machin’.