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French in the 2006 World Cup

Soccer is to the French like, well…cheese, wine, and Le Tour. This summer, it will be even more important with the 2006 World Cup, held in neighboring Germany. There is a lot of drama, agony, and superstition that goes into producing a winning team, but it wouldn’t be a first for the French. They have twelve appearances under their belts, including a 1998 championship.

Fans of the French national team can check out their fan page on World Cup Blog, and read up on all of their competitors as well.

What was Paris like in the summer of 1998 when France won the world cup? Once again, on this momentous occasion – we were in Normandy, not Paris, so we missed out on the biggest street party in Paris – but suffice it to say that that the aura throughout the nation was sheer euphoria.