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French Comfort Food: Blanquette de Veau

It may be springtime in Paris, but there’s still a crispness in the air and you’re likely to find a ‘blanquette d veau’ or veal stew on the menu at your local cafe or brasserie.
Blanquette de veau is considered one of the few French dishes you’re likely to find in every region. The veal is simmered until it melts in your mouth. A little bit of creme fraiche is added to give the sauce that special tang. Normally this veal stew is served up with carrots, but mushrooms are also added. You start with a bechamel sauce, adding the juice from the simmered veal – a little bit of white wine – et voila!
This is the dish we were served last night chez Valerie and Eric in their Norman home. They wondered if we would like this typically French dish. On a brisk night in Normandy, or in Paris, there’s nothing better.
Check out Lucy’s recipe for ‘Blanquette de Veau’.
I’m going to try this recipe out for guests tomorrow night.
If you are looking for ‘blanquette de veau’ in Paris, be sure to check out the daily specials posted on most brasserie, cafe, cafe-tabac’s blackboards. Because this is a traditional ‘home-cooking’ kind of dish, you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to find it. Veal stew is a filling meal and should be chosen as the main meal for the day.