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Free Paris: Retour de Flamme!

Serge Bromberg is back. This July 4h, 2008, Serge Bromberg once again works his magic – bringing you silent cinema accompanied by live music. The last few years you’ve seen him at Montmartre but this year, he’ll be performing right in front of the Cinematheque Francaise in the Parc Bercy, Metro: Bercy.

The show starts at 10:30 pm – i.e. as soon as it gets dark enough for an outdoor screening. As in the past, this outdoor screening of some of the extraordinary moments in early French cinema is a free event.

Bromberg’s goal is to create more awareness of the need to discover and preserve any vestiges of early cinema you may happen to discover – reels of film in an old barn, garage, warehouse. You might be surprised to discover that not much is new under the sun – when it comes to cinema.

For example, you may see quite often in fashion these days the expression – the ‘it bag’ or the ‘it girl’

Who was the original ‘it girl’?
Clara Bow. Featured in a movie of the same title ‘It’.
Clara Bow portrays an employee in a large department store who captures the eye of the son’s owner – he eventually dumps his fiance for Clara, the ‘it girl’ – she has no money, but she invents her own style (by taking an off the rack dress and ripping apart the collar to create a risque neckline.
No 500 Euros designer handbags for this ‘it girl’.
Brush up on your silent cinema history at the Cinematheque – and join Serge for the fun on July 4th!