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France Can be Arrogant- Who’s the First to Say so?

Trivia question of the day: Who is author of this statement?

“Unlike in Britain, which remains the model of a parliamentary democracy, France has always found it difficult to balance the different branches of power. It either gives too much power to Parliament or it gives too much to the executive. This may be because deep down, France is not a very liberal country, in the poliical sense of the word.”

In this author’s book, Testimony, he also doesn’t hesitate to speak of France being perceived as arrogant.
Who is the author of this book recently translated into English?

By the way, the author’s views aren’t necessarily the views of this Parislogue author.

My personal experience in France has been quite the opposite. I’ve found French individuals to be quite modest and usually downplaying their talents. Needless to say, every person’s experience will be different, however, I have to admit that the author of this book and I do not move in the same circles.

Can you guess who this person could be?