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Footwear for Paris

So you’re coming to France this summer – and you want to do a lot of walking – but you don’t want to look like a tourist in clunky running shoes.
The solution is simple. Buy a pair of Converse trainers and you’ll fit right in.
In Peggy Frey’s article for Madame Figaro Magazine, Bien Dans Nos Converse‘(Comfy in our Converse) she interviews some of Paris’s top names in the fashion world. They confide to Frey their passion for Converse.
Ines de la Fressange tells Frey her favorite colors – navy blue and cream. She wears her Converse shoes with jeans, skirts or even with a formal evening blazer. She prefers the low-tops over high-tops.
To get the right look, stick to solid colors: Black, cream, navy blue. Forget fancy patterns or camouflage.
Even though Converse has been a passion with Paris’s fashionable set for several years, no need to worry about them going out of style soon. Some fashion forecasters feel that the Converse is here to stay. It’s considered a classic – like a Burberry coat or a Hermes scarf. For Paris visitors who want to pack light and still be in style, this is good news. It’s an affordable fashion statement that will be comfortable for plenty of mileage through museums and Metro stations. Easy on your toes, and easy on your credit card
For the right look, match your Converse trainers up with a good fitting pair of jeans and a cashmire v-neck sweater.
Another summer classic in France is the ‘espadrille’. The canvas shoe with feminine wraparound ankle straps and a woven sole is great for walking the Deauville/Trouville boardwalk, but won’t serve you a well in Paris – unless you spend the day at Paris Plage. Nevertheless this is a French classic. The style originates in France’s Basque region -located in the Pyrennees Mountains that border Spain. Bringing out these bright multi-colored shoes makes French women feel that the beach cannot be far away.
Bien dans nos Conversesby Peggy Frey
Madame Figaro February 17, 2008