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Five Great Ways to Meet Gorgeous French Guys & Girls

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1. Take a train trip. Book a reservation in a compartment rather than the aisle seating which is much more conducive to talking. During a train trip returning from Barcelona to France, I met one of the nicest (and most adorable) of my French student friends. There’s even a website devoted to helping you contact the people you may have admired from afar but were too shy to approach. It’s called and here’s their video promo (yes, it’s just in French, sorry about that):
Beauty in the Woods (i.e. Bois de Boulogne of course!)

2. Go to a Normandy beach. Parisians are friendliest when they’re relaxed – i.e. on vacation. The gruff greeting you’ve received from the rental car receptionist or the hotel desk manager turns into a friendly smile in a beach environment. Some of my best friendships with Parisians began on the beach. (Note – best not to approach women when they’re sunbathing topless – wait until they cross the boardwalk to have an ‘aperatif’ or a cafe.
3. Go to the library. That’s the Centre Pompidou library. The library vending machines and small snack bar area is supposedly a meeting place. My experience while ‘researching’ is that this could be true. It’s the only place where a Parisian went out of his way to pick up a paper that had dropped out of my notebook (the modern day version of picking up a lady’s handkerchief?).
4. The Three Duck’s Hostel bar. I went there expecting to meet backpackers, but I met Parisians – and they were all gorgeous! As well as very attractive travelers from Brazil. No photos here to prove my point (such a shy lot!).
dsc01391.jpg5. Take a guided walking tour with a French ‘conferencier’. Marc Soleranski is not only a font of cultural history – he’s also a Parisian with 18th century-style!