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Fashion Tips for Presidential Hopefuls

Yesterday I mentioned some of the fashion foibles that hampered Segolene Royal’s campaign. As luck would have it, we met three Swiss guys and a German guy doing a little pre-celebration for August 1st. August 1st? Swiss Nation Day, of course!

Happy Birthday, Switzerland!

I took advantage of this occasion to ask the one German of the group if Chancellor Merkel was ever hampered during her election campaign by such trivial and superficial issues as V-neck shirts, for example.

NO WAY. We don’t care about that in Europe. Not an issue.
So, you mean no one criticized Merkel’s fashion choices?
Of course. But only other women.
And what did women criticize?
The length of her pants. They were too short. You know, you can’t wear pants that are too short.

So, there you have it, Hillary. It’s back to stylish pantsuits and the rest is a slam/dunk.

Answer to yesterday’s trivia question: French women received the right to vote in 1944.