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Exploring (Illegally) Underground Paris [Video]

The words “underground Paris” might conjure up images for some people of the city’s fine Metro system, although it’s England’s capital – not France’s – that calls its subway the “Underground.” For others, the famous Paris Catacombs might come to mind. For a small contingent of Parisians, however, there’s a whole city beneath the city waiting to be explored.
As it says in this video, traversing Paris’ underground passages is illegal (indeed, going too far into the Catacombs without a guide is even unadvisable, as it’s quite easy to get lost), but that hasn’t stopped people from repeatedly going underground where they visit underground waterways, art installations, and even dance parties. Obviously the underground scene in Paris isn’t completely unheard-of, but it’s also evidently not common knowledge.
At least not yet.
Enjoy this tour of underground Paris by NPR and National Geographic.

Paris Underground from NPR on Vimeo.

Don’t feel like getting dirty just to explore under Paris’ streets? You can always go on a regular – and totally legal – tour of the Paris Catacombs or even the Paris Sewers.