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Eurolines Bus Travel from Paris

eurolinesbusMany people who plan a trip to Paris also intend to visit other cities in France during their trip – and a good percentage of those people then go beyond the French border to visit other countries in Europe while on the continent. Getting around in Europe has long been dominated by the extensive rail network that stretches from country to country, but the trains aren’t the only way to get from place to place. As long as you’re in a major city – like Paris – you have lots of choices.
One of the cheapest ways to travel from Paris to other countries in Europe is on a Eurolines bus. Eurolines is a collection of more than 30 bus/coach companies in different countries throughout Europe. Under the Eurolines umbrella, they make ticketing and travel from country to country incredibly simple – without the Eurolines connection you’d have infinitely more difficulty booking a bus trip across Europe.
Paris is one of the more popular stops for Eurolines, almost regardless of where you’re starting from, so here’s some information about the Eurolines stations in the Paris area and how you can book a Eurolines ticket to get from Paris to another European capital.
>> Keep in mind that travel on Eurolines from one city to another in the same country, including France, is generally challenging if not impossible. Eurolines trips are meant to be more long-haul, connecting countries. For travel within France, your best options are the trains or budget airlines.

Paris Eurolines Stations

Where is the Paris Eurolines station?
There are three Eurolines pick-up and drop-off points in the Paris area that may help you when you’re planning your trip. There’s one outside the Paris ring road (but still on a Metro line) to the east of the city, one at Charles de Gaulle airport, and one at Disneyland Paris.
Paris Eurolines station:

  • International Bus Station Galliéni (Gare Routière Internationale de Paris) – 28 Avenue du Général de Gaulle – 93170 Bagnolet (just outside central Paris)
  • Tel: +
  • At the eastern terminus of the Paris Metro, line 3; bus station is a few steps from the Galliéni Metro station

Other Paris-Area Eurolines Stations:

  • Charles de Gaulle Eurolines station: Terminal 2E-2F – Gate 5 of Gallery – Level 0, exit 0.09
  • Disneyland Paris Eurolines station: Disneyland resort coach station

How do I get from central Paris to the Paris Eurolines station (or vice versa)?
Although the Paris Eurolines station isn’t right in the heart of the Paris city center, it’s helpfully located right next to a Metro stop – so while you won’t be within walking distance of Paris’ major attractions you also won’t have to pay a hefty taxi fare to get where you want to go. Just hop on the Metro and you’ve got access to the entire city.
Likewise, if you’re leaving Paris by Eurolines bus, you need only to ride to the Metro stop right next to the Eurolines station – and you won’t have to lug your bag too far to get from the Metro to the bus, either.
The Eurolines station is right next to the Galliéni Metro stop to the east of the city, which is the eastern terminus of the Metro #3 line. That’s the same line that stations such as République, Arts et Métiers, and Opéra are on.

Buying Eurolines Tickets

Because Eurolines is a network of 30+ different European coach companies, the websites vary depending on which country you’re looking at. Some of them have an English option, and many don’t. So even if you’re planning a trip from Paris to another country with Eurolines – and therefore would instinctively click on the links for people starting a journey in France – be aware that some of the site will be in French.
Have your phrasebook handy.
Start on this Eurolines site for bus travel from Paris, then click on the “Paris” link in the center column. From there, you should see a link on the right-hand column that says “Travelling from France?” Click on that and you’ll be on the Eurolines site for travel originating in France. There’s a little UK flag in the upper right corner if Eurolines didn’t remember that you started on an English site, but the section of the site on the left where you’ll book your ticket will be in French – even after you click the little UK flag.
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