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English bookstores in Paris

Shakespeare &Co. may be a ‘must’ for writers coming to Paris, but there are other English language bookstores in town with just as much charm if not moreso and probably less expensive. If you haven’t visited The Village Voice yet on 6 Rue Princesse Metro: St. Germain de Pres or St. Sulpice. you will find it to be very welcoming. Village Voice has author readings and supports local writers. But most importantly for customers, the books are clearly priced. In the past, I’ve found that Shakespeare prices (because they are second hand books) tend to priced ‘a la tete du client’ according to what the customer is willing to pay. If you buy a lot of books like we do – that adds up.
Another bookstore worth a visit is Tea and Tattered Pages on Rue Mayet. Metro Duroc. (a block away from Blvd. Montparnasse and WICE (20 Blvd. Montparnasse) Tea and Tattered Pages carries second hand books – the prices are reasonable in comparison to some other second hand English language bookstores in town.
Happy book hunting in Paris.