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Eiffel Tower Turns off its lights

When the light disappears, spirits fly … detail from the Holy Ghost Church, Ave Daumesnil
Photo by Chris Card Fuller

For five minutes last night, just before 8 pm, the Eiffel Tower as well as other major buildings in Paris – including the Elysee (France’s ‘White House’) shut off their lights in support for cutting back on our insatiable gluttony – when it comes to energy. Today (Wed, October 24th and tomorrow, Thurs, October 25th will be the final phase of the round table discussions about global warming, pollution, protection of natural resources. Guests expected to attend include Al Gore for the summit called Grenelle d’environment.

The symbolic 5 minute ‘blackout’ gave the Earth a ‘five minutes’ of silence

Ordinarily such black-outs are not voluntary in much of the world (including the US). It’s hard to imagine how the Paris nighttime landscape would look without lights to illuminate its famous landmarks.