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Earn $1.4 Million in a Day – in Paris!

Here’s the question. If you had just successfully completed the biggest jewelry heist of the millenium from one of the most prestigious jewelers in Paris – Harry Winston on Avenue Montaigne, just off of the Champs Elysees, would you stay in Paris to celebrate?

My hunch is ‘Yes!’. With that in mind, Parisgirl suggests that anyone eager to earn a quick 1.4 million which according to
Rachel Lieberman, Israel Diamond Industry Portal is the reward offered by Lloyd’s of London for any information in recovering the stolen jewels, should brush up up on your Slavic languages and try to find a jewel thief.

This sounds a lot more challenging than going on a Da Vinci code tour – and definitely more profitable!
Quite honestly, one can’t but feel a bit of admiration for these jewel thieves who made off with $166 million worth of jewels without seriously injuring a single person. That is a sign of class – so if you happen upon one of these thieves, I am certain that he or she might turn out to be so amiable that you’ll drink a glass of champagne together to ring in the new year – and you may decide to forget about asking for a $1.4 million reward.

One interesting question – if the diamonds are so well known that they couldn’t be easily fenced – does this mean that some lovely lady will find a super gift under the Christmas tree? Make up your list. Santa will know whether you’ve been naughty or nice – even if Lloyds of London doesn’t.

Details about the REWARD:
Loss adjustors SW Associates in Paris stated that the maximum reward will go to “the first person who can provide information leading to the recovery” of the $166 million worth of jewels (and what is meant here by the term ‘maximum reward’?)