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Dining in – in Normandy

Does anyone remember ‘I’d walk a mile for a Camel’? That came to mind during dinner with friends last night. Bruno and Martine told us how many kilometers it took to pull together a meal for friends.
First, if you want to get a good chicken, you have to drive about 13 kilometers. Then you have to another five kilometers to get a good loaf of bread. Then, if you want to get a good cake, you need to drive to Pont Audemer. I’m not sure how many kilometers were needed to prepare last night’s meal, but the results were outstanding. ‘Une Marmite Dieppoise is a the Norman version of bouillabaisse made with creme fraiche sauce as opposed to the Provencal tomato base. I asked if the marmite dieppoise was difficult to prepare.
“It’s not difficult but time consuming.” Bruno explained. First you need to cook the mussels and shell them. Save the broth from the mussels as the base for your soup. Then you shell and flambe the scallops in Calvados. And don’t forget to throw in some shallots when your sauteeing your scallops. You mix together the mussels, the scallops and throw in some creme fraische at the last minute before serving to have a most delicious first course or main course.