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Day Trips from Paris

Even though Paris is one of the world’s great cities, sometimes you just need a day away from The City of Lights. If you’re staying in Paris long enough, taking a day trip from Paris is a great idea. Here are a few ideas for day trips from Paris.

And if you’re up for a long day trip, you can even visit another country for a few hours – check out these tips for getting from Paris to Amsterdam!


Tour the famous Versaille Palace or just walk through the expansive gardens – either way, this is one of the most popular day trips from Paris. (Learn how to get to Versailles from Paris)

Disneyland Paris

Bring the kids or let Disneyland Paris bring out the kid in you! (Learn more about getting from Paris to EuroDisney)

Monet’s Garden at Giverny

When you wander through Monet’s Gardens at Giverny, you’ll understand his fascination with water lilies and light. (Learn how to get from Paris to Monet’s Garden)


For a half-day trip to a Versailles-like chateau and gardens without the crowds, Fontaineleau is a must. (Learn how to get from Paris to Fontainebleau)


Visiting the Chartres Cathedral with its exquisite stained glass windows is an easy day trip from Paris. (Learn about getting from Paris to Chartres)

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel may be a possible day trip from Paris, but you’re likely to want to spend the night and soak in the whole atmosphere. (Learn about getting from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel)

The Loire Valley

Touring the incredible castles of the Loire Valley is really more of a multi-day side trip from Paris, but it’s absolutely worth it. (Learn how to get from Paris to the Loire Valley)


The medieval fortified town of Provins is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The beautiful cathedral in Bayeux is the highlight of a trip to this town.

Parc Asterix

If you’re inclined toward Disneyland Paris but you want something with a bit more of a French flavor, try the Parc Asterix amusement park on for size.


A trip to the fortified town of Saint-Malo in Brittany is more likely an overnight trip from Paris. (Learn about getting from Paris to Saint-Malo)

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