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Darkness Looming over the City of Light

A body is dumped in the outskirts of Paris after being tortured for days.
I’m looking at the Sunday NY Times (March 5) photograph of a smiling young man who no longer exists.
He simply agreed to a date with a girl, met her not far from Porte d’Orleans – and was never seen alive again.

The fact that he was kidnapped for ransom by a group called the Barbarians. The fact that he was Jewish. The fact that thousands came out to protest anti-semitism in France. The fact that we are swept away in our emotions.
None of this begins to address the senselessness.
Paris has seen its share of senseless death. City of bloody revolution. With so-called causes.
Paris is not immune to insanity.
But can we really talk about Paris as a tourist destination, talk about the best restaurant in town, the fashion, the je ne sais quoi – the dream is slowly falling apart . . .