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Culture and Romance in Paris

Paris is one of those cities which should be visited at least once in a lifetime. On the same list I’d definitely put London, Athens, Berlin, New York, Sydney, Johannesburg and Tokyo. Why? Because each of these cities has something unique to offer its visitors and will leave a mark on any person who strolls its streets.
It’s not hard to see Paris as a cultural capital : rich history, a lot of museums, beautiful bridges, sophistication, glamour, elegance, beauty …and romance.
And if you are after a true Parisian experience – both for the culture and romance – how about visiting Paris in the winter ? The city has shed its “tourist” cap and now you can see it in its full glory. You can have the streets and museums for yourself. You can soak up the smell of the streets on a crisp winter morning. And you can cuddle with your loved one while sipping a coffee and eating croissant in a café by the Seine.
The most important advantage of visiting any big city during the low-season is the cheap prices for both airfare and accommodation. In February and March, it’s easy to find cheap tickets to Paris especially if you are already in Europe. A lot of low-cost carriers offer excellent deals for this time of the year. You just need to keep your eyes on their websites. As for the accommodation, if you book ahead of time, even 3 star hotels can suddenly become very affordable!