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City Break in Paris this Spring

Spring is here. At least we are all used to call March the first month of spring, although the weather isn’t always that nice. Still, all large European cities – Paris included – offer a lot of things to do even when it’s not that warm outside.
Sure, you’ll have to limit the time spend outdoors, but there are a lot of museums and galleries to check out. When planning your Paris city break, you might want to do some research and avoid one of the disappointing attractions in Europe . Climbing up the Eiffel Tower is spectacular – when you look at it from the ground level -, but when you queue for hours just to get on top…it’s torture and waste of valuable time. If you want the same experience, take a look at the city from La Sacre Couer in Montmarte. And if you cannot leave Paris without climbing up the Eiffel Tower, learn some French swear words . You’ll need them. Plus, chances are the fellow travelers won’t know them. So you can rant without them knowing what you are mumbling about.
Done with torturing yourself? Good. Now it’s time to explore the museums, galleries and the cafes. And if you have some spare time you’ll want to do some shopping. Or at least window shopping. See? Those swear words come in handy again!
Don’t forget to look for cheap flights to Paris ahead of time. The city is served by plenty of low-cost carrier so if you area already in Europe you will be quite happy to find good deals, but if you fly from other continent, you’ll need to spend a bit of time finding the best option for you. Remember to book the accommodation, as well. And to save some money, make a list of the museums which can be visited for free.