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Paris Chocolate Bars: Hot chocolate nirvana for less than 2 Euros

You’ve been walking all day and you need a serious energy boost. Recently I wrote a post about chocolate bars, and praised A La Duchesse Anne where a cup of hot chocolate can be had for 2.90 Euros. I mentioned that the hot chocolate was made with the ‘house chocolate’.
At the time of that tasting, I described this as the ‘best chocolate for the best price in Paris’, but after trying the demitasse of hot chocolate at Chocolatitudes, I would have to say that the Choclatitudes demitasse has moved to first place as the least expensive and best hot chocolate in Paris. (You drink the demitasse at the bar, a full cup of chocolate for 4.50 Euros can be had at one of the tables).
Now, I’ve experienced the inexplicably rich taste of a demitasse of hot chocolate (1.90 Euros) at Chocolatitudes, 57 Rue Daguerre – Metro: Gaite or Denfert Rochereau, and quite honestly, I have to tell you, for the chocolate fan – this is ‘trop bon, trop bon!’
You can have a full cup of hot chocolate for 4.50 Euros which may send you into chocolate shock.
There are plenty of chocolate products from which to choose – including a package of chocolate produced in the Basque region.
All of Chocolatitudes products are organically produced and no cow’s milk is used for the daily chocolate drink. Be sure to check out their site for the details.
There are currently only a few tables in the shop – but I’m sure in time – as news of Chocolatitudes spreads ‘bouche a l’oreille’ or ‘word of mouth’, so also will the number of tables expand.
The reception is warm and genuine. Pas de chi-chi ici. No glam, no techno, just sheer grace, sheer style.
57 Rue Daguerre 75014 Paris
Closed Mondays
Tues, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12 noon to 7 :30 pm
Friday Saturday an dSunday from
11 am to 7 pm
Metro: Gaite or Denfert Rochereau
If you take the Gaite Metro: walk in the direction toward Montparnasse cemetery. Rue Daguerre comes up quickly (on your left) once you’ve passed the cemetery. Stop in to pay your respects to Simon de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre.