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Chinese New Years Celebrations in Paris

Paris is gearing up for the annual Chinese New Year’s celebration. 2008 will be the Year of the Rat. Although the actual new year begins this Thursday (February 7th), the two major parades in town will be held over the weekend. Depending on which neighborhood is closer, you can attend dragon parades either in the 3rd or the 13th arrondissements.
Address for the 3rd arrondissement mairie (town hall):
3rd arrondissement parade route for Saturday Feb 9th, 2pm:
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, la rue du Temple, la place de la République, la rue de Turbigo, la rue Beaubourg, la rue du Renard.
Metro: Arts & Metiers
2, rue Eugène Spuller 75003 Paris
Standard : 01 53 01 75 03
Fax : 01 53 01 75 60
Métro :
Ligne 3 – arrêt : Arts et Métiers, Temple
Ligne 5, 8, 9, 11 arrêt : République
Bus : 75, 20
Tel. : 01 53 01 75 03
The third arrondissement’s parade will actually begin at the Hotel de Ville at 2 pm on Saturday.
The 13th arrondissement’s parade begins at 1:30 pm Sunday
– Starting point : 13h30 : 66 avenue d’Ivry
– place d’Italie
– avenue d’Italie
– rue de Tolbiac
– avenue de Choisy
– boulevard Masséna
– Finishes up at : 66 avenue d’Ivry
If you want to get the full flavor of Chinese New Years celebrations and are prepared for the crowds, I’d suggest going to the 13th arrondissement. However, if you plan on eating in any of the restaurants during these next few days, you’ll probably want to book a table in advance. Don’t plan on driving. In this case, taking the Metro is the only way to go. The 13th arrondissement has underground parking at the Massena shopping complex but it will be jammed.
You might still be able to book a table at Chine Massena (minimum six people) at 300 Euros per table.
Not to be missed (Thursday night Feb 7th)!
Centre Commercial Masséna 13
Niveau du 18, Avenue de Choisy
Au 13, place de Vénétie – 75013 PARIS
Tél : 01 45 83 98 88 – Fax : 01 45 83 88 48
Chinese New Years