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Breakfast at the Odessa Cafe

When the sun is shining in Paris, crossroad cafes are the place to watch the world go by. Today Chris and I stopped off at the Odessa Cafe where several streets intersect: Rue de la Gaite, Rue Montparnasse, Rue Delambre and Edgar Quinet. I like this corner for many reasons – it’s in our neighborhood. It’s unpretentious.
At the Odessa Cafe, you can have two cafes au lait and two croissants for 10 Euros. That may not be the least expensive cafe au lait in town, but neither is it the most expensive. It is one of the best cafe au lait that I’ve had in this neighborhood served in a nice cup. Here is a cafe that feels ‘just right’ and very Parisian with out any of the whoopla.
Metro: Edgar Quinet
By the way, Cafe de la Place which is right next door is also a nice option.