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Beyond Musee du Quai Branly

According the International Herald Tribune story “For Some, a museum hits close to the heart” by Caroline Brothers, one museum goer from Senegal stated “on the African continent, there is nothing left. All the treasure can be found in this museum.”
Maybe this visitor never had the opportunity to visit the National Museum in Bamako, Mali. If you find yourself in Bamako rather than Paris, don’t miss visiting the National Museum.
Another museum-goer stated that “all of the objects that belonged to us and to our ancesters were pillaged.”
If you visit the Musee du Quai Branly website, this subject is addressed. Probably a subject that is open for plenty of discussion. Who has the right to sell items that are part of a country’s heritage? And, if an item becomes part of a country’s ‘heritage’ does the creator of the object even have the right to sell it?
In the future will it no longer be possible to buy and sell art? Does a nation have the right to own a work of art or is it part of the world heritage?
National Museum of Bamako
This is just one of many beautiful sculptures you can see at the National Museum of Bamako, Mali