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Best Restaurants in Paris: David Lebovitz’s favorite places to eat

For most people, one the most important (or the only) reason to come to France is to eat. With its fabulous cuisine, great wines, and well-known chefs, any trip to France is incomplete without at least a few totally fabulous gastronomic delights. But, with so many restaurants in Paris to chose from, and untrained eye (or lack of French language skills), it may be hard to know which places are going to give you the very best culinary experience.

So, who do you turn to when it comes to finding the best restaurants in Paris? Do you open the pages of your guidebook? If it were me, I’d much rather turn to someone who knows food and knows Paris to tell me where I should be eating. David Lebovitz, who is a chef and well know Paris and food blogger, has a fantastic list of some of his favorite places to eat in the City of Lights. Lebovitz also gives great advice about things like always calling ahead for a reservation.

The best part? Lebovitz gives not only tells you the phone number and how to find these places, but also recommends what you should eat off the menu after you arrive.

Bon Apetit!

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