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Beautiful Parisians and their Neighborhoods

dsc04078.jpgPhoto by Chris Card Fuller ©2008
Everyone deserves to get fooled now and then. Usually when I’m going to take a photo for this series ‘Beautiful Parisians and their Neighborhoods, I remember to ask the obvious question:
“Are you Parisian?” but this time I forgot. So what city would you guess this beautiful soujourner calls home?
I also have to confess that my efforts to expand my search for true beauty in ALL of Paris’s neighborhoods has not been quite so successful.
Here I am, once again in the 5th arrondissement, the Latin Quarter, just at the foot of Rue Mont St. Genevieve across from L’ecole Polytechnique.
Thanks Melissa for pausing long enough for this photo!
Of course we had no problem speaking in English – although she’s been in Paris for three years, If you haven’t already guessed – Melissa comes from Los Angeles. Beautiful transplants can also thrive in Paris. (Her dog is adorable too – but adorable Parisian dogs will have to be a topic saved for future posts).