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Beaujolais Nouveau Arrives in spite of strikes

One of the happiest days of dreary November is the arrival of Beaujolais nouveau in the capital. The fruity red wine arrives at midnight tonight (November 14th) which may cheer up some Parisians and visitors who have been hampered by the strike which began last night at 8 pm.

To get more details about where you can find the Beaujolais Nouveau party closest to you, check out the site

When I noticed that one of the Beaujolais Nouveau parties was supposed to be going on right in our neighborhood at L’Opportun, Metro: Edgar Quinet, I thought I’d stop in this afternoon to check on whether the party was starting early.

You might be in for a surprise if you show up at L’Opportun at midnight. According to the hostess, L’Opportun is now strictly a restaurant (since its expansion a few years ago). Either that, or the party’s a private affair. In any case, I may try to hit some of the Beaujolais parties (within walking distance).

The problem of having a Beaujolais Nouveau arrival in the middle of a strike – is trying to get back home again. Either, plan on picking up a bike from Velib or put on your walking shoes. If you can’t get to any of the midnight arrival parties tonight (November 14, 2007), make your way to your closest Monoprix and you can buy yourself a bottle for 4.50 Euros. At that price, I’m almost tempted to wait.

Beaujolais vs. Strikes

The good news is that the SNCF and the CGT union couldn’t have picked a better day (weatherwise) to start a strike. The sun is gleaming brilliantly.
The bad news is that only 1 out of 4 Metro trains are running, but they are ‘kind of’ running. The #14 line (which goes right to Bercy Village (where you’re sure to find a Beaujolais nouveau party going on is going to be running regularly). The #14 line happens to be one of the few completely automated lines.

The GOOD news is that the Metro is completely FREE today.
Now that makes the strike almost worth the hassle of waiting somewhat longer for a train.
Another good bit of news: The inaugural trip from Paris to St. Pancras station in London on the Eurostar is still on schedule. However stops to Lille have been cancelled.

If this strike goes on for several days, you may want to stock up on your Beaujolais Nouveau – or you don’t have to stop there. There are several varieties produced in the Beaujolais region of France including:
Moulins a Vent
Unlike the Beaujolais Nouveau, these are varieties that you can store in your cellar for a few years – for future strikes.