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B&B in Paris

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Is it too good to be true? I came across this offer of a ‘Chambre d’Hote’ or B&B today for 27.95 Euros per person for a two-person flat in a 19h-century building in Paris’s 18th arrondissement. For 55 more Euros per person, you can have a home-cooked meal. Of course, we’re talking about a room the size of 15 sq. meters, which isn’t exactly the Elysees Palace, but for people who are not necessarily ready for the hostel experience, but still would like to find modest lodging in Paris, going the B&B route might be an option to explore.

If that sounds a bit cramped, consider staying at a private home in the Montmartre district with private swimming pool use included!
That would be the situation at Paris Oasis Guesthouse, where for 60 Euros a day in ‘Jack’s Room’ you are situated in the 18th arrondissement, not far from Place de Tertre, and you can jump in the pool after a day at the museum.
Oasis’s Nino suite (100 Euros per night includes a small kitchen area)

Reading about these amazing options to the typical stay in cramped hotel quarters (for probably more money), I’d be eager to give this a try – at least once. To date, I haven’t had any feedback from people who have tried the B&B route, so if any of you decide to try one out, please let Parislogue readers know!

B&Bs or Chambres d’Hotes is yet another way to have greater contact with French residents. You have the added advantage of a resident’s inside knowledge of the neighborhood. On the downside, I’ve noticed that B&Bs vary greatly throughout France. This may hold true in other countries as well where the burnout factor for non-professionals can be too much. Or reception at various B&Bs ranged from ecstatic, extemely welcoming to blase and ‘I’m putting up with you because you’re paying’. There’s no way in advance to prepare for your reception at a B&B (regardless of the ratings you’ll find in guidebooks). B&B owners are only human – they’re not huge hotel conglomerates – so the events in their day to day life might color your reception. C’est la vie!