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Bars replacing the Night Club scene?

Is it possible? Red Light would probably say ‘no’. But Figaro magazine has recently suggested that the Paris night life is changing thanks to the ‘portable’ and the fact that nightlife people have decided that they want to sit in a corner and talk – rather than be deafened by ultra decibles. The fact is – it’s hard to pick someone up if you can’t even talk therefore the night crowd is spending more times in bars (like Le Baron)
The cell phone or portable is making for a much for nomadic evening. Finally, bars don’t have humbling door men that exclude people from entering if you’re not wearing the right pair of shoes.
The bottom line is spending less money and going places with your ‘tribe’ meaning the people that do the same things you do or are interested in the same things.
Hmm sounds like conformity to me – i.e. boring.
But that’s another subject for another time. More later, when we’re back from Timbuktu.