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Back to School, Back to Paris, Back to Work

Today (or last Friday) school started for most kids in France. And it looks like a large part of the Paris population has returned – the restaurants are once again brimming. It’s still warm enough in town to attract the street people who are hanging out tonight on Rue Delambre about a block away from the theater where you can still catch Paris Je T’Aime – if you haven’t seen it yet.
I finally got to the movies today but opted for a shot of Bollywood, but I have to admit that ‘Bali’ Bollywood wasn’t one of my favorites. But even the less favorite of Bollywood films are a feast for the eyes with great shots of the Ganges River – like you may never have seen before – even if you’ve actually been there.
It looks like Paris parks are making a big effort to welcome Parisians and their kids coming back for the ‘rentree’. Champs Elysee rond point is decked out in flashy yellow and ornage mums as if to taunt the waning days of summer sun. A few women are still trying to get away with wearing white suits and a few boutiques have a last white blazer featured in their windows that ‘is the very LAST – and everything must go. I forgot to mention yesterday that the Eiffel Tower now has guards carrying machine guns (just as the Tour Montparnasse does on occasion.) And according to Rick Steves’ advice (I’m rereading one of his books that a guest left with us), the best time to go to the Eiffel Tower is early in the morning around 8:45 or late in the evening. Avoid weekends if possible. All the times we’ve taken friends to the Eiffel Tower, we never thought about what time of day we would go. Another guidebook writer mentioned that she preferred to view Paris from lower vantage points. One of my favorite spots would have to be from the rooftop terrace of George located on top of the Centre Pompidou (at tea time). The other great spot (and absolutely free) is from the steps leading up to Sacre Coeur. But I think everybody in the world must know that by now.