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Museums: Baby Carriages

Being a baby carriage ambassador is not a responsibility to take lightly. During our stay in France, certain responsibilities have fallen into our laps: promoting canopy beds was one project, but being full fledged members of the Musee du Landau Association (Baby Carriage Association) of St. Aubin de Scellon has brought us to the doorstep of the Victorian Perambulator Museum located in Jefferson, OHIO.

You may be thinking, so what’s the big deal about baby carriages? This is the deal. Between Jefferson, Ohio, and Saint Aubin de Scellon in Normandy, you may be able to see two of the most amazing collections of prams. Both collections house well over 200 full size carriages along with Victorian porcelain dolls, miniatures, doll carriages and children’s toys.

While the Musee du Landau focuses on carriages ranging from 19th century Napoleonic times right into the 1970s, Jefferson’s Victorian museum emphasizes 19th century craftsmanship, using natural materials like wicker, straw, reed and willow.

There are some surprises that I can’t wreck by telling you – I can only say that if the Queen of England were to pay a visit to the Victorian Perambulator Museum in Jefferson, she might well be overcome by a wave of nostalgia.

Le Musee du Landau in St. Aubin displays over 200 carriages from countries ranging from France, Belgium, Germany, England and even the U.S. Both museums are best visited by advance appointment.

St. Aubin de Scellon is about a two hour drive from Paris on A13 and N13.
Jefferson is between Cleveland, Oh and Erie PA on Interstate 90. In both towns you are sure to receive downhome hospitality – a nice break from big city life.
In France: Tel. 02 32 46 82 63
In Jefferson OH 00 1 440 576 9588