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Apple Store to Open Underneath Paris Pyramid

If Parisians thought the I.M. Pei pyramid in front of the Louvre was bad, I can’t imagine what they’re saying about this latest development:

Apple’s application to build a store in Paris – its first in France – has been approved, according to the French financial daily La Tribune. The location: the Carrousel du Louvre, prime retail space under the pyramid that dominates Napoleon’s courtyard at the museum’s grand entrance.

Now, to be fair, the space underneath the pyramid is already basically a mini-mall, and it’s underground so it’s not going to further “mar” the Parisian cityscape, but I have to think that the residents of the City of Lights who weren’t thrilled with the glass pyramid in the first place will use this as further proof of what a colossally bad idea it was to put it there.

For those of you whose iPod has given up the ghost during your travels, however, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll eventually be able to replace it at the Apple store underneath the pyramid. No word yet on when the store will be open, but it’s slated to be two stories tall.

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