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Air New Zealand in Paris – Where did you go? And Why?

Oh why and where did the Air New Zealand office in Paris go?
According to a note I just received from Air New Zealand – their Paris office was ‘disestablished’ in 2006.

That’s really a shame because the offices at 9 Rue Daru (once I actually found them – were very accommodating. Too bad they’re gone.

Finding Air New Zealand in Paris is no easy thing. The last time we bought RTW for the Star Alliance – we wanted to book most of the trip through Air New Zealand to ensure getting a maximum of Air New Zealand flights.

At that time, the Air New Zealand offices were located at 9 Rue Daru I’ve been trying to confirm whether they are in fact still at this location.
Here’s the phone number I have listed:
France 0800 90 77 12 (free in France)
Their 800 number in the US is 800 262 1124.

Airline ticketing offices for a number of the major airlines within Paris city limits have moved around in recent years (United Airlines were in the process of vacating their offices when we bought our RTW through United).

Air France still has its offices on Avenue General Leclerc in the 14th arrondissement – but be prepared to spend half the afternoon there if you want to book RTW.

Of course the other simple option is to book your RTW tickets online. Maybe I would have even saved some money if I had tried this option!

I’m not sure why the Air New Zealand offices closed- but it looks like airline offices based in Paris are soon becoming a thing of the past as more and more people choose to book tickets online or by phone.