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Affordable Parisian Fashion

You don’t have to be rich and famous to find great fashion in Paris. You don’t even have to go to the ‘fashionable parts of town’ to find super boutiques. I was really delighted to stumble upon Nina Kendosa’s boutique at 87 Rue Mouffetard located in the affordable student district, the Latin Quarter.
What drew me to this shop? I noticed that French women were zooming in here like bees heading toward the honeycomb. (Okay maybe that’s a slight exagerration. It happened to be a perfect Sunday afternoon in spring– when larger department stores might have been closed.
What really surprised me about this boutique was not only its location – I had never associated Rue Mouffetard with fashion, but also the price of the sportswear. For example, the blouse you see in this post (which Lila is modeling for you) was purchased for 45 Euros. The material is really excellent – cotton and silk. The blouse also comes in different colors including YELLOW which is one of the hot colors for Spring 2008.
Even though Rue Mouffetard has definitely succumbed to some souvenir shops, this is a good place to look for lodging (there’s even one hostel located right on Rue Mouffetard– Young and Happy Hostel, 80 Rue Mouffetard.) Stay at a hostel – and save all your money for shopping!
As I’ve mentioned in past posts – Parisian blouses and t-shirts can really be excellent, inexpensive items to take back home – and they take up hardly any space in your suitcase.
Happy shopping on Rue Mouffetard!
Nina Kendosa
87 Rue Moufftard
Nina Kendosa has two other shops in Paris if you don’t have chance to visit Rue Mouffetarde.
In the St. Germain-des-Pres district:
2 Rue de Buci
In the Montmartre district:
46 Rue des Abbesses
Metro: Monge