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A Chicken in Every Pot and an Electric Car in Every Garage: Open Letter to President Sarkozy

Monsieur Le President:
In your campaign promises, you included the development of alternative energy sources as one of your goals. You want French citizens to be able to find work and ultimately own their own homes. This is the French dream. Henry IV wished that all French might have a chicken in every pot for Sundays, and now is the time to guarantee an electric car in every garage.
The key to achieving the French dream was ‘La Blue Car’ and sadly this French-designed electric car, which should have been on the market by 2009 will never see the light of day – at least not as a uniquely French-designed and manufactured product. Napoleon let the Rosetta Stone slip through his fingers – and now it sits in the British Museum. Will the story be the same for the future of electric car production?
By ensuring the production and sale of electric cars, you will lift a huge financial burden off the shoulders of EVERY French citizen. France could and should be the forerunner in this domain. Other presidents may have left behind as their legacies the monoliths of ‘culture’, grand arches, opera houses and a museum dedicated to the regions of the world where soaring rice prices will probably engender huge famine.
Sometimes a ‘petit geste’ a small gesture – ( i.e.making the Blue Car accessible to consumers), une petite solution pour un gros problème – is the signature of a great man.