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9 Romantic Hotels in Paris

Paris routinely tops lists of the world’s most romantic cities, and it’s easy to understand why. But if you end up in one of the Paris party hostels on your honeymoon, the romance of the city itself isn’t going to be enough to counter-act the seriously un-romantic nature of your accommodation choice. I mean, there’s only so much Paris can do.

So whether you’re planning your honeymoon, a wedding anniversary, or are simply looking for the perfect location for a romantic tryst, you’ll want to take care when booking your bed. Luckily, there are some sumptuously romantic hotels in Paris that are just waiting to sweep you off your feet (if your lover hasn’t done so already). In these hotels you’ll find some of the most romantic rooms in the city.

There’s a Paris map below with a couple major landmarks and all the hotels on this list marked on it. You can learn more about each hotel by clicking on the map’s hotel icon or by reading the brief descriptions of each hotel found underneath the map.

>> For some, all that’s required for a romantic hotel is a good view – and what city can compete with all these hotels with a view of the Eiffel Tower?

Romantic Paris Hotels

Hotel Pont Royal
7 Rue Montalembert – 75007 Paris
Located on the Left Bank in the Saint Germain des Pres area, the Hotel Pont Royal has the kind of entrance that couples looking for a luxurious romantic hotel want to see when the taxi says, “This is it.” It’s known as a literary hotel, but that’s more because of its history as a favorite hotel of writers in the early 20th century – these days, it’s well out of the price range of most of the writers I know.

Should you want to take in a little art during your stay in Paris, the hotel is happily located next to the Musee d’Orsay and across the Seine from the Louvre. And when you’ve had your fill of romantic strolls along the riverbanks and you don’t feel like making use of the on-site fitness room, then you can retire back to the hotel for an in-room massage.

There’s much to love about the Hotel Pont Royal, from its location to its impeccable interiors to its excellent service – but these things are relatively easy to find in Paris if you’re willing to pay the required price. What this 75-room hotel has that other hotels don’t is a world-class restaurant. The Atelier de Joel Robuchon is well-known for producing amazing food, and almost as well-known for the lines that form out front – they don’t take reservations. Queuing up outside your hotel for a dinner might not seem all that romantic, but if you’re smart enough to be in Paris in the off-season you can probably get a seat without the typical wait.

The least expensive room at the hotel, a superior room, ranges in price from €245-395 depending on the season – and the prices go up from there to the “penthouse panoramic suite” which boasts a view of the Eiffel Tower (and a €800-1100 pricetag).

Hotel Raphael
17 Avenue Kleber – 75116 Paris
Not far from the Arc de Triomphe sits the Hotel Raphael in a 1925 building which was completely remodeled in 2006. The hotel’s decor and service are exactly what you want when you book a hotel of this caliber in Paris. But one thing you get with the Hotel Raphael that no place else in Paris can give you is an opportunity to stay in the hotel that was used for the filming of “Hotel Chevalier,” the movie short that preceded “The Darjeeling Limited.”

Now, you may not end up in the same room that “Hotel Chevalier” was filmed in (although it can’t hurt to ask), but you can rest assured that all the 86 rooms in this hotel are up to the same incredible quality. And even the smallest room in the hotel boasts a private balcony and a great view. You’ve also got your choice of two in-house restaurants and one cozy lounge, plus there’s always room service if you’re more in the mood for a night in.

The hotel’s proximity to some of the biggest attractions in Paris makes it a great base from which to explore the city – and when you’re tired of the hustle and bustle, you can return to the Hotel Raphael and relax on the hotel’s top-floor restaurant with its outdoor garden terrace seating and incredible views of the Arc de Triomphe and the rest of Paris.

A classic room at the Hotel Raphael will cost between €350-550 depending on the season, and a bonus at this hotel is that breakfast is included with the room (many of the others serve breakfast, but it costs extra).

Duquesne Eiffel Hotel
23 Avenue Duquesne – 75007 Paris
If there’s a romantic alive who doesn’t think that waking up to a view of the Eiffel Tower off your hotel balcony is absolutely critical to a truly romantic trip to Paris, I’ve never met them. While it’s true that you can get Eiffel Tower views from lots of hotels in Paris, finding one that’s delightfully charming and doesn’t break the bank is a little tougher. Luckily, there’s the Duquesne Eiffel Hotel, which fits the bill perfectly.

The Duquesne Eiffel Hotel occupies a completely remodeled and updated 18th century building, and most of the rooms have that quintessentially perfect Eiffel Tower view. And if the view weren’t enough, you can order room service breakfast and dine your balcony overlooking the most famous monument in the city. The Tower itself is only a six-minute walk from the hotel, and other Parisian landmarks are also nearby, so when you can finally tear yourself away from the view out your hotel window you can see the sights without straying too far.

As mentioned, the room rates at the Duquesne Eiffel Hotel are far below what you might expect to pay for a hotel with this kind of view. A standard double room only costs around €150 in the low season, and a superior double is still less than €200. You won’t find the same kind of luxe interiors as you will in some of the other hotels on this list, but the view should make up for all that.

Relais Christine
3 Rue Christine – 75006 Paris
Once you step into this beautiful hotel, you may forget that you’re in the heart of one of Europe’s bustling capital cities. The Relais Christine is a converted 16th century abbey that happens to be smack dab in the middle of the hip and happening Latin Quarter, not to mention reasonably close to Notre Dame and Pont Neuf. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the neighborhood and then steal away to your room in the hotel to get away from it all.

There are only 51 rooms in the whole hotel, and each one is decorated a little differently with an eye toward traditional French design. There are French antiques everywhere and heavy fabrics adorning every room, but you don’t need to worry about this old building being behind the times. It was first renovated in the late 1970s, and then again in 2008 – so you’ll have all the modern conveniences with the charm of an historic building.

Many of the rooms come with tranquil views of internal gardens, and some even open onto private terraces. And if you don’t mind bringing something of a modern touch to your historic hideaway, you can take advantage of the spa at Relais Christine or surf the web with the WiFi that’s available throughout the hotel.

This kind of luxury doesn’t come cheap – a standard room costs roughly €380, and the duplexes can cost between €570-770 per night.

Hotel Sezz
6 Avenue Fremiet – 75016 Paris
If your idea of romantic has less to do with overstuffed furniture, damask fabrics, and French antiques and more to do with modern design and a great location, then Hotel Sezz should be right up your alley. The classic facade of the hotel, which you’ll find down a quiet residential street, might make you think you’re in store for yet another classic French hotel – but nothing could be further from the truth.

The decor throughout the 27-room hotel is decidedly modern, with lots of chrome and red leather, but you won’t be able to stay at Hotel Sezz without feeling like your style quotient has gone up significantly. Unlike more traditional Paris hotels, this one has big bathtubs that comfortably accommodate two (how romantic), and there’s an on-site champagne bar as well as a massage room. And upon arrival at the hotel you’ll be met by a personal assistant bearing a “welcome drink.” Bienvenue, indeed.

With all the red-and-black color schemes and the hard surfaces, you might not immediately think of this place as “romantic.” But after a trip to the Paris Erotic Museum shop where you’ve purchased a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, this hotel will suit your mood perfectly.

Rooms at Hotel Sezz (cleverly named because it’s in the 16th arrondissement, 16 being “seize” in French) run from €450 in the low season to €500 in the high season for a junior suite. You can get a smaller twin or double room for €335-390, and of course you can pay more for a suite or a loft room.

Hotel Pavillon de la Reine
28 Place des Vosges – 75003 Paris
This Marais District hotel is described using words like “hidden,” “discreet” and “cozy,” all of which are excellent words to look for when you’re on the hunt for a romantic hotel. The Hotel Pavillon de la Reine is tucked into a quiet corner of the Marais facing the Places des Vosges and has a great old-world feel despite not being an old hotel. There are exposed wooden beams on the ceilings and lots of beautifully upholstered furniture, but there are modern design touches throughout that give this hotel a nice blend of the old with the new.

As is often the case with hotels in Paris (not to mention lots of other cities with old buildings), many of the 56 rooms themselves are on the small side. For most people, this isn’t a problem – even if you’re on your honeymoon – because chances are you’re going to spend more time outside your room than inside it.

But if you don’t mind a little bit more of a splurge then you can book one of the “duplexes” instead of the standard hotel rooms. These rooms are larger, and they face the front of the hotel.

The least expensive room at Hotel Pavillon de la Reine, a standard room, will cost you €380 for a night, and a suite will cost anywhere from €700-950. A duplex is in between at €600-710 per night.

Hotel de Jeu de Paume
54 Rue Saint Louis en l’ile – Ile Saint Louis – 75004 Paris
I can’t think of a more romantic idea than finding a bouqitue hotel that literally lets you escape to an island in the heart of a busy (if beautiful) city. With Hotel de Jeu de Paume, you get to do just that. The hotel is located on the Ile Saint Louis in the middle of the Seine River, in the middle of everything in Paris and yet tucked away in a place that’s both peaceful and lovely.

While it’s the other (larger) island in Paris – the Ile de la Cite – which boasts more tourist attractions, it’s the more residential Ile Saint Louis that affords more quiet corners. But all it takes is one step off your secret island getaway to be right in the heart of this busy city and take advantage of the proximity of attractions like Notre Dame and the Bastille Opera House.

The building housing the Hotel de Jeu de Paume was once a private mansion and dates from the 17th century. There are now 30 tastefully decorated rooms in the hotel that are comfortable without being overdone, and there’s a nice private garden patio where you can enjoy breakfast when the weather is nice. You’ll also find areas in the building which are open to all guests, such as a library and music room, which you might be lucky enough to have all to yourself.

A double room at the hotel ranges from €285-360 depending on the time of year, and you can splurge even more on a junior suite or a suite if you’d like. The hotel even has 2-3 bedroom apartments which you can rent for €620-900 per night.

Hotel de Crillon
10 Place de la Concorde – 75008 Paris
When you think of the words “romantic” and “Paris,” I’m guessing that most of you picture a scene that involves drinking France’s most romantic drink – champagne. So what could be better for a romantic Paris vacation than to stay in a hotel owned by one of the premier champagne producing families in France? The idea just titillates, doesn’t it?

Hotel de Crillon, owned by the Tattinger family and situated right on the famous Place de la Concorde, understands its role as a quintessentially Parisian hotel – and it lives up to every stereotype you can imagine and then some. The hotel’s 103 rooms and 39 suites are the very definition of luxury, but they pull it off without going too far. This is precisely what you want the inside of a traditionally elegant hotel in Paris to look like. And with the Tattinger family at the helm, it’s no surprise that there are a couple of great restaurants on-site.

After hearing all of this, it shouldn’t be a shock to discover that the Hotel de Crillon is among the most expensive on this list. We’re talking about romantic hotels here, so I’m skipping the price of a single room – which leaves a “superior double room” as the cheapest in the hotel. And that’ll cost you €770 a night. This place doesn’t appear to have a high season/low season price difference, but with one night costing as much as that I suppose they’re not in danger of going under anytime soon.

Hotel Lutetia
45 Boulevard Raspail – 75006 Paris
When you hear that the Hotel Lutetia is part of a hotel chain, you can put all the usual “chain” biases out of your mind toute suite. This place is everything you’d want from a nice romantic hotel in Paris, and you won’t feel like you’re staying at anything but a unique and gorgeous old hotel.

Situated on the Left Bank in the Saint Germain des Pres area, the Hotel Lutetia’s 231 rooms occupy a building that dates from the early 1900s and is decorated to reflect the Art Deco style of the 1930s. A few minutes’ walk from the hotel’s front door gets you to the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens (perfect for a romantic stroll), and the Musee d’Orsay and the Louvre. And if shopping is what turns you on, the hotel is right across the street from the Bon Marche department store.

There are two types of basic rooms you can choose from at Hotel Lutetia. Most of the superior rooms overlook the hotel’s private inner courtyard, while most of the deluxe rooms are on the front of the hotel and come with private balconies. For a little extra cash you can book one of the suites instead, all of which have comfortable living areas in addition to the bedrooms.

The basic rooms at Hotel Lutetia will cost between €230-320 depending on the season, and the prices go up from there depending on whether you want a deluxe room or one of the suites.

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