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30 Paris Travel Tips from a Local

There’s nothing like getting travel tips from someone who’s been there before you – and those tips are even better when they come from a local. So when Parisgirl compiled a list of 30 Paris travel tips from a local, she created an indispensable companion to the city for any traveler – no matter how savvy you are! Here are all her invaluable tips; even if some of them are old hat to you, I’ll bet at least one of them is a great new addition to your savvy traveler arsenal of tricks.

  1. Using credit cards in Paris
  2. Dealing with electricity conversion in Paris
  3. Using cell phones in Paris
  4. Buy euros before you leave home
  5. How to buy Paris Metro tickets from the automated machines
  6. Getting past the door codes in Paris
  7. What to pack for Paris
  8. Plan your visit to coincide with free museum days in Paris
  9. Leasing rather than renting a car for a long visit to Paris
  10. Buy a Paris Parking City Pass before leaving home
  11. Buying tickets to the Paris opera
  12. Getting over-the-counter medication in Paris
  13. Cheap ways to exercise in Paris
  14. Finding non-touristy souvenirs in Paris
  15. Finding good internet cafes in Paris
  16. Doing your banking at the post office in Paris
  17. Buy a good Paris map
  18. Getting a museum pass for Paris
  19. Taking advantage of free admission on Museum Night in Paris
  20. Printing photos in Paris
  21. First floor vs. ground floor in Paris
  22. Using public toilets in Paris
  23. Happy Hour in Paris
  24. Don’t miss the last Metro in Paris
  25. Finding parking in Paris
  26. Go for the daily special at Paris restaurants
  27. Getting the quiet room in your Paris hotel
  28. Registering a complaint in Paris
  29. Using phones in Paris
  30. Taking advantage of free things to do in Paris

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