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Dealing With Electricity in Paris: Paris Travel Tip #2

Packing reminder: Don’t leave home without your adapter plugs for France’s 220 volt outlets.
And most importantly, make sure that all the plugs for your camera gear actually fit into the adapter plugs. If you plan on ordering sets of adapter plugs by catalog, allow for plenty of advance delivery time. And also make sure to read the documentation that comes with your electronic equipment. For example, most computers will work fine if you just buy a normal adaptor plug which is quite inexpensive) or if you want to be extra safe you can buy a grounded adapter switch.

If you’re a Mac user, you may already have a European adapter included with your laptop. It’s designed to slide right onto your converter (be sure not to lose track of the 120 Volt plug for your return trip to the States).

Worst case scenario – you completely forget about adapter plugs and you’re already in Paris? No problem. Head out to your local ‘quincaillerie’ (pronounced ‘cankaiery’). You’ll find these combination hardware/houseware stores on sidestreets in residential neighborhoods. The ‘quincaillerie’ is the place you want to go for such things as luggage padlocks, duct tape, – and plug adapters.

By the way, the word for ‘socket’ in French is ‘prise’.

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