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Lease a Car for a Long Visit: Paris Travel Tip #9

Lease a car rather than rent if you plan on making an extended visit to France. If you plan on doing a great deal of driving around France during an extended visit, you may want to consider leasing through companies such as Kemwell. The advantage to leasing a car is the fact that you can put on as much mileage as you want. Also, you get a brand new car. Keep in mind that automatics are more expensive than stick shift leases and diesel-fueled cars will be more expensive to lease than gas-fueled cars.

In France, insurance is built into the cost of leasing so you don’t have any added charges when you arrive in France. All you have to do is pick up your car at the airport and make sure to fill up at the first gas station (because the leasing cars don’t normally top off your tank before you pick up the car). We have used the company Kemwell (associated with Peugeot-Sodexa) in Paris for many years – and never had a problem.

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