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Getting Past the Door Codes in Paris: Paris Travel Tip #6

Paris Doors. Paris doors are unique. Many Parisian apartment buildings have digicode boxes, so if you plan on visiting friends while in Paris, be sure to ask them for their door code, but even when a building doesn’t have an automatic lock, you normally have to look for some sort of a button which will click the door open or closed. This is especially true for exiting an apartment building. The button may be located on one of the hallway walls. If you’re lucky, the button will say ‘Porte’ to differentiate it from the hall light switch.

In other buildings, there’s also a separate code for the elevators. Paris doors also have another curious feature. More often than not, they open just the opposite way from what you would expect. Expect to push most doors inward rather than pulling outward (this is against the fire regulation doors you might find in the US).

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