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Using the Phone in Paris: Paris Travel Tip #29

Making a Phone Call
When you’re in Paris, you need to dial ‘0’ which is always the first digit in local phone numbers. The only time you don’t need to dial the ‘0’ is when you’re calling from overseas. In that case, you would include the country code (33) and drop the ‘0’ before the local phone number.
All cell or mobile phones begin with the digits ’06’.

Disposable Cell Phone: Bic Phone
(Actually, you can keep this phone and your phone number for a year which is great if you come to Paris frequently throughout the year and want to keep the same number for friends)

A relatively new temporary cell phone on the scene is the Bic mobile phone. It’s basically a short term mobile phone that you can purchase at a reasonable price, and use immediately, simply by buying a ‘Pay as you Go card’ called ‘Mobicarte’ here. You can purchase ‘Mobicartes’ at most newsstands and Cafe-Tabacs.

The Bic mobile phone costs 49 Euros for which you get 60 minutes of phone time before you need to recharge your minutes. The phone comes fully equipped with a SIM card and you do not have to register, sign a contract or anything!. Just start making your phone calls in France. You get ten minutes of calling time to start with, and be sure to call up Orange in within five days of purchasing the phone to get your additional 60 minutes of allotted time activated.

Where do you find the Bic phone?

Photo Stations are photo developing shops located in many of the larger malls. (There’s a Photo Station located in the Gaite Centre Commercial, Metro: Gaite.)

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