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Choose the Daily Special at Restaurants: Paris Travel Tip #26

Choosing the Daily Special at the Restaurant
French restaurants, by law, are required to serve a reasonably-priced luncheon ‘menu’. That’s one of the reasons why you’ll notice that so many cafes, brasseries tend to have relatively similar prices when it comes to the daily menu.

Currently, a typical luncheon ‘menu formula’ runs from 13 to 15 Euros. This will usually include at least two courses. You can opt for either a starter and the main dish, or the main dish and a dessert. The only key here is to keep an eye out for ‘supplements’. These will appear on the chalkboard or menu as a plus signe and the added cost. (Usually for more expensive cuts of meat, more expensive fish or seafood dishes, etc).

Another benefit of ordering the daily special is the idea that the ‘daily special’ should generally be brought out more quickly (if you’re in a rush to visit another museum or monument).

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