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Finding Parking in Paris: Paris Travel Tip #25

Parking Garages: Underground vs. Street Parking
Whether you’re leasing a car or driving your own car, using Paris’s underground parking makes good sense for a number of reasons:

For security reasons, you’re car is definitely more secure in underground parking. One of our favorites is ViNCI park (where you can also get free bicycle rental service at some branches). We really like the Vinci Park because the lots are well maintained (and even have piped in classical music, free candies at the office, and extremely helpful staff.)

You’ll recognize underground parking garages are parking in general by the large blue panels marked with the letter “P”. In addition to private car parks, you’ll also find a few municipal car parks (esp around Montparnasse) which are also well maintained.

If you do choose to use the street parking, the advantage here is free parking after 7 pm. It’s for this reason that some people insist on driving around in circles looking for a free spot. They may end up missing have the movie they’ve come to see, but it’s hard to pass up anything for FREE in such an expensive city.

If you’re parking during daytime hours you’ll have to pick up a parking pass at one of the newsstands or cafe-tabacs. These parking cards work along the same priniciple is the Pay as You Go phone cards such as ‘Mobicarte’. Also, the parking is limited to two hours. All of these are reasons why we prefer the underground parking.

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