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Printing Photos in Paris: Paris Travel Tip #20

Printing Photos in Paris is expensive! If you’re eager to get your great Paris photos into print, I would suggest using online sites such as Snapfish to upload and print your photos when you get back home. Unless you just need to print a few shots for friends in Paris, you probably won’t want to get too many photos printed here.

For those few photos, go to Photo Stations or, once again, FNAC Bookstore which has a huge photo supply section. Here, you’ll find automated photo printer machines where you can pay for instant prints with your credit card (if you’ve followed Tip #1 and remembered to memorize your four-digit password).

Another option for quick photos is at the entrances of some Monoprix grocery stores.

Passport and Visa Photos? This is easy in Paris. All you have to do is go into the PhotoMat booths and most major Metro stops and you can get four passport/visa format photos for 4 Euros. (The machine doesn’t give change). This is a quite a bit cheaper than passport photos back in the US. These photo machines are also usefull if you plan on trying out the Navigo Decouverte Metro Pass which can be used for the one week time periods or longer.

Photo gear such as lithium batteries and memory sticks can be find at the electronics chain DARTY.
The Montparnasse DARTY is located in the Centre Commericial GAITE, Metro: Gaite.

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