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Buy a Good Paris Map: Paris Travel Tip #17

Buy a Plan de Paris
This is one city where you’ll really want to have a good map at your fingertips. You can pick up a copy of the ‘Plan de Paris’ which comes in hardcover book format. You can slip the ‘Plan de Paris’ (or ‘Paris Classic) right into your handbag or daypack. Unlike a flimsy map (which really looks touristy), the Plan de Paris is used by Parisians as well as visitors to find some of those evasive ‘passages’ or ‘impasse’ (dead end streets) that would be next to impossible to find without the Plan de Paris.

Another benefit of the ‘Plan de Paris’ is its description of all the bus lines. If you’ve ever tried to decipher a Paris bus map, you’ll appreciate the value of having your Plan de Paris bus guide.
You can normally buy a copy of the ‘Plan de Paris’ at most newsstands or at the FNAC bookstore.
This is a reference guide that you’ll keep for years. I have several old ones and even though some of the streets may change, the majority of neighborhoods remain the same.

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