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Exercising in Paris: Paris Travel Tip #13

Want a Cheap Paris Workout? You don’t need to bother signing up for expensive gym or health club passes while you’re in Paris. Just take the Metro. If you change metro lines at least once, you will average approximately four hundred steps. My husband Chris counts everything, including Metro steps. In one outing from Montparnasse to Bois de Vincennes, which included one change, we easily clocked four hundred steps. Add to that a walk or jog in the vast Bois de Vincennes, and you”ve had your workout for the day.

Jogging has become very popular in most Paris parks. If you want an excellent workout, go to either to the Bois de Vincennes in Paris’s eastern sector or Bois de Boulogne in the western sector. These two forests include miles of forest paths (recommended only during daylight hours). Also, although Paris is generally a non-violent city, I would suggest that women running alone should stick to the populated paths.

If you’re visiting friends while in Paris, do what Parisians often do, take the steps to walk-up apartments rather than the elevator. Many apartment buildings still exist without elevators. (Just remember to click on the hall light switch before you begin your ascent. Light switches are normally on timers, so you’ll have to click as you go if you’re headed up to the ‘penthouse’). BTW, this is one of the ‘exercises’ that Dr. Dukan approves in his hugely successful diet book “Je Ne Sais Maigrir” (I don’t know how to lose Weight).

For visitors who can’t handle too many steps, take buses or trams rather than the of the Metro. Even though the Metro does have some escalators, the majority of the stops (even the stops at major train stations have some intimidating staircases for chalenged walkers.

Regarding buses only a few are equipped for wheelchairs. Paris still has a ways to go in welcoming non-ambulant visitors.

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